Agrochemical Updates, eBulletin

AWRI Agrochemical Update 19 April 2011

Pest and disease survey

Every season has its pest and disease challenges. In years like these it is important to question what we did to manage disease and assess how well it worked.

The GWRDC and AWRI have released a detailed survey to capture what wine grape growers experienced this season and how they dealt with it. The aim is to evaluate what worked and what didnt work so that we can help growers know what to do next time we have similar conditions. The survey results will also help identify any areas where further research and development is needed.

If you are involved in winegrape production, we would appreciate you sharing your experiences of the 2010-11 growing season by filling in this survey. Surveys are to be completed by COB Friday 13th May.

The collated results of the survey will be shared with the relevant organisations and associations so that the greatest benefit can be made from the information collected.

To access the survey, click on this link:

Fruit Fly Baiting

DPI Victoria will continue its current fruit fly baiting program which at this stage is expected to run until the end of May. With regard to bait preparations containing maldison (malathion), if these are applied in accordance with label or permit instructions in vineyards, they should pose no residue threat to wine grapes in subsequent seasons.