Winemaking consultancy included in your levy investment

Did you know that winemakers who pay the Winegrapes and/or Grape Research levies can access a free-of-charge winemaking consultancy from the AWRI? Our Winemaking and Extension Services support team comprises experienced winemakers and technical staff. Services you can benefit from include:

Winemaking consultancy and problem solving services

  • Advice on best practice winemaking and packaging
  • Investigation and solving of winemaking problems
  • Identification of chemical and microbiological hazes and deposits in wine
  • Identification of wine faults and taints
  • Emergency response to wine sector crises

Web-based winemaking resources

  • Winemaking calculators
  • Recognising wine taints and faults
  • Identifying common winemaking hazes and deposits
  • Winemaking, sensory and laboratory methods
  • Wine production information
  • Frequently asked questions

For more information or for assistance, call us on 08 8313 6600 or email us on winemakingservices@awri.com.au