Technical Review June 2014 issue available online

The June 2014 issue of Technical Review is now available online. Articles and abstracts can be viewed individually, or the full issue can be downloaded. Access is available only to Australian winemakers and grapegrowers who pay the Wine Grapes or Grape Research levies. The new online Technical Review allows you to browse the list of the latest articles on grape and wine production by keyword, view article summaries and order journal articles from the AWRI Library.

Below is a snapshot of what’s in this issue:

AWRI Technical Notes
  • Wine technical quality sensory assessment at the AWRI
  • Keep an eye out for Brett
AWRI publications
  • New yeast approach is aiming to produce a lower alcohol wine
  • The role of potassium in grapevine function
  • Closure trials show volatile sulfur compound formation can still cause a stink
  • Determination of the importance of in-mouth release of volatile phenol glycoconjugates to the flavor of smoke-tainted wines
Current literature – oenology
  • Sulfur dioxide: the science behind this anti-microbial, anti-oxidant wine additive
  • The quest for complexity: whole-cluster fermentation is back in a big way
  • Warm/hot skin maceration
  • The decanter centrifuge presses and clarifies
  • Wild yeast fermentation can allow chemical and sensory differentiation in red and white wines
  • Changes in polysaccharide composition during sparkling wine making and aging
  • PIGs save water in the winery: simple but effective practice cleans process lines
  • Sensory talk in a nutshell
Current literature – viticulture
  • Effect of hot-water treatment on grapevine viability, yield components and composition of must
  • Terroir, soil and that question of scale
  • Late frost damage risk for viticulture under future climate conditions: a case study for the Luxembourgish winegrowing region
  • Manipulating light in the fruit zone improves wine quality
  • Optimization of limited water resources in irrigated vineyards