New eBooks available

eBooks – one collection and now two platforms

The AWRI’s Grape and Wine eBook Collection has now expanded to include a second platform. Why does this matter? Partnering with a second supplier gives readers a greater range of titles to choose from. The collection now holds almost 100 recently published titles, and with a mix of technical and more popular general interest, there’s something for everyone.

Curious about the latest release or just want to browse the collection? Jump online and you can be reading an eBook in seconds. Need to take an eBook out into the vineyard or winery? No problem! – eBooks can be read on your mobile device and even downloaded and borrowed for off-line use.

Key titles now available via the new platform include:

Varietal wines – James Halliday (2015)
Decent bottle of wine in China – Chris Ruffles (2016)
Riesling rediscovered – John Winthrop Haeger (2016)
Exporter’s handbook to the US wine market – Deborah M. Gray (2015)
The wine bible – Karen MacNeil (2015)
Business of winemaking – Jeffrey L. Lamey (2016)
Understanding wine chemistry – Gavin L. Sacks et al. (2016)

Access to the collection remains simple

Visit the AWRI website here, continue to the login page and select from one of the two platforms. The collection is open to Australian winemakers and grapegrowers who pay the Grape Research or Winegrape levy. AWRI website login details are required. If you’re not already a subscriber, click here to sign up. For further information on using the collection, please consult the online guides or contact the AWRI information services team.