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Agrochemical update June 2019 – New ‘Dog book’ available

The 2019/20 edition of Agrochemicals registered for use in Australian viticulture (the ‘Dog book‘) is now available. The updated ‘Dog book’ can be viewed via the online pdf or mobile app. A hard copy will be distributed to levy payers by mail and will also be included with the next issue of Australian & New Zealand Grapegrower & Winemaker.

This agrochemical update summarises the major changes compared with the previous version.

New active constituent

The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) approved the use of the following active constituents or active constituent combinations in wine-grape production.


APVMA 81921

‘Voliam Targo’ is a Syngenta Australia Pty Ltd product.

‘Voliam Targo’ is registered for control of grapeleaf rust mite, grapevine moth, light brown apple moth, two spotted mite and suppression of garden weevil in grapevines. It is an activity group 6 + 28 insecticide. Follow the label directions.

Resistance management: DO NOT make more than two applications of Group 28 insecticides per season.

Recommended restriction on use (witholding period) for grapes destined for export wine: Use no later than E-L 29, berries pepper-corn size (not > 4 mm diameter).


APVMA 86262

‘Glyphosate 550 Twin Salt’ is a Sabakem Pty Ltd product.

‘Glyphosate 550 Twin Salt’ is registered for control of weeds in grapevines and is an activity group M herbicide. Read the full label prior to use and follow the directions.

Recommended restriction on use (withholding period) for grapes destined for export wine: Contact your winery prior to the use of 'Glyphosate 550 Twin Salt'.

Active constituents removed

The following active constituent combination has been removed from the ‘Dog book’ because the product is no longer available.


APVMA 63810

‘Broadway’ herbicide is still registered for use with the APVMA but is no longer supplied. Growers with this product should consult their winery prior to use.

Changes to the product lists in the ‘Dog book’ tables.

To reduce the size of the tables and make them easier to read, a change has been made to the way products are displayed. Products with the same first name are consolidated, with varying features shown in brackets. For example, Mancozeb 750 DF, Mancozeb 750 WG and Mancozeb DF are now shown as Mancozeb (750 DF, 750 WG, DF).

For more information or to request a copy of the new ‘Dog book’, please contact Marcel Essling on 08 8313 6600 or email

This information is provided to inform the Australian grape and wine sector and should not be interpreted as an endorsement of any product.