6 new AWRI webinars – registration is open now!

Starting Thursday, 9 July, Dr Richard Gawel from the AWRI takes a look at dissolved carbon dioxide and its impact on the taste, flavour, and textural properties of still white and red wines. The remaining five webinars will run through to mid-August and address glutathione additions, remediation options for smoke-affected juice or wine, under-vine cover cropping, an update from Sustainable Winegrowing Australia and self-driving tractors.

Each webinar will include a presentation and an opportunity for audience members to ask questions. Sessions are held on Thursdays at 11:30 am in SA, 12 noon in the eastern states and 10 am in WA.

All webinars are free to attend but do require pre-registration.

The next six webinars for the program are:

9 July 2020: How does dissolved carbon dioxide affect the taste and texture of still white and red wine? – Dr Richard Gawel (AWRI)

16 July 2020: The ins and outs of under-vine cover cropping – Prof. Tim Cavagnaro, Dr Thomas Lines and Chris Penfold (University of Adelaide)

23 July 2020: Tackling smoke taint head on: winery remediation options for smoke-affected juice and wine – Dr Julie Culbert (AWRI)

30 July 2020: Glutathione: what is it and why is it in my wine? – Dr Keren Bindon (AWRI)

6 August 2020: Sustainable Winegrowing Australia update – Dr Mardi Longbottom (AWRI)

20 August 2020: Autonomous tractors and other innovations from SITEVI – Dr Simon Nordestgaard (AWRI)

See the full program here.

System requirements

You will need a computer or mobile device with an internet connection. Audio is connected over the internet using your computer or mobile device’s speakers (Voice over Internet Protocol – VOIP). Participants joining a webinar via a mobile device will need to download a free app available from iTunes or Google Play.

If you’ve missed a previous AWRI webinar, you can watch online via the AWRI’s YouTube channel.

For further information on AWRI webinars, please contact the AWRI information services team.