Technical Review August 2020 issue available online

The August 2020 issue of Technical Review is now available online. Articles and abstracts can be viewed individually, or the full issue can be downloaded. The online format of Technical Review allows you to browse the list of the latest articles on grape and wine production by keyword, view article summaries and order journal articles from the AWRI Library.

For copyright reasons, access to abstracts is available only to Australian winemakers and grapegrowers who pay the Wine Grapes or Grape Research levies. The technical notes authored by the AWRI are, however, freely available. If you have forgotten your password for the AWRI website, please use the forgotten password link to reset your password.

Below is a snapshot of what's in this issue:

AWRI Technical Notes
AWRI publications
  • Enhancing tropical fruit flavour in Chardonnay and Shiraz through foliar nutrient sprays
  • Inspirations from the past and opportunities for the future. Part 1: cross-flow filtration and flotation
  • Inspirations from the past and opportunities for the future. Part 2: in-tank fermentation monitoring and continuous processes
  • Ask the AWRI: pre-fermentation skin contact
  • Going green with whole bunches
  • Alterations in yeast species composition of uninoculated wine ferments by the addition of sulphur dioxide
Current literature – oenology
  • Chemical and sensory effects of cofermentation and post-malolactic fermentation blending of Syrah with Rhône white cultivars
  • Press fractioning of grape juice: a first step to manage potential atypical aging development during winemaking
  • The effects of enzyme and tannin applications on red wine
  • Reduction of sulfur compounds through genetic improvement of native Saccharomyces cerevisiae useful for organic and sulfite-free wine
  • Novel microencapsulated yeast for the production of sparkling wine by traditional method
  • May peppery wines be the spice of life? A review of research on the ‘pepper’ aroma and the sesquiterpenoid rotundone
  • Predicting the post-bottling sulfite concentration evolution and wine shelf-life
  • Smoke signals
Current literature – viticulture
  • A vision-based robust grape berry counting algorithm for fast calibration-free bunch weight estimation in the field
  • Development and evaluation of a vineyard-based strategy to mitigate smoke-taint in wine grapes
  • Automatic flower number evaluation in grapevine inflorescences using RGB images
  • Soil temperature prior to veraison alters grapevine carbon partitioning, xylem sap hormones, and fruit set
  • Functional microbial diversity responses to biodynamic management in Burgundian vineyard soils
  • Sixty years of hail suppression activities in Mendoza, Argentina: uncertainties, gaps in knowledge and future perspectives
  • Reds, whites, and sulfites: examining different organic wine regulation practices in the United States and the European Union
  • Early leaf removal as a strategy to improve ripening and lower cluster rot in cool climate (Vitis vinifera L.) Pinot Grigio
  • Spatial variability in Ontario Riesling vineyards: I. Soil, vine water status and vine performance