Project 1.1.2a

Capitalising on the carbon economy – Building resilience and sustainability in the grape and wine sector

Project summary

Efforts are under way across a range of industries to reduce GHG emissions. To effectively achieve emissions reductions, industries need relevant and up-to-date technical and policy information. This project, funded by the Department of Agriculture as part of the ‘Extension and Outreach’ program, aims to deliver technical information about GHG emissions, carbon storage and the Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) to the Australian grape and wine sector. It will provide access to technology, skills and decision support. The project will also enhance the adaptability of the grape and wine sector as it faces a variable climate and competition for natural resources.

Latest information

Extension delivery
Six face-to-face workshops have been held across Australia. The first three of these were aimed at key influencers in the wine industry who can act as extension multipliers in their regions. Special guests including Professors Tim Flannery and Will Steffen from the Australian Climate Council presented at these workshops. The ‘key influencer’ workshops are now being followed by a series of 34 regional workshops which cover the practical application of research outcomes, up-to-date information about the ERF and the new Australian Wine Carbon Calculator and benchmarking tool, a critical new addition to Entwine Australia. Three regional workshops were held during 2014/2015, with the remainder to be delivered in 2015/2016. The project webpage has been updated with links, fact sheets, videos and presentations related to GHG emissions in viticulture and winemaking – making the page the ‘go-to’ source for information on GHGs and the grape and wine industry.

Project Team

Con Simos
Mardi Longbottom
Geoff Cowey
Marcel Essling
Matt Holdstock
Virginia Phillips

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