Managing waterlogged vineyards – new fact sheet

12 November 2022

Heavy rains across a wide area of Australia have led to flooding and waterlogging in vineyards in a number of regions.

Waterlogging occurs when the grapevine’s root zone becomes saturated and the air between the soil particles is replaced by water. Grapevine roots require oxygen for respiration, and a lack of oxygen over an extended period can result in root death and eventually vine death. The absence of oxygen in the soil and around the roots triggers a cascade of physical, biological, and chemical processes, the results of which can also have a negative effect on vine performance.

To assist growers who are dealing with waterlogged and flooded vineyards, the AWRI has produced a new fact sheet on managing waterlogged vineyards. This provides information on the effects of waterlogging, as well as advice on monitoring and remediation.

Additional resources are available from the AWRI’s climate and weather webpage.

For further assistance, please contact the AWRI helpdesk on helpdesk@awri.com.au or 08 8313 6600.