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Agrochemical update – emergency use permit for metalaxyl products

10 November 2022

The APVMA has issued an off-label permit (PER92970) enabling the use of certain metalaxyl formulations that are not registered for grapevines. It is essential that growers read the permit prior to use and comply with all the conditions. The permit has been issued due to possible shortages of the products registered for grapes. The permit is available from the APVMA website.





Directions for use:

Crop Disease Rate
Grapevines Downy mildew
(Plasmopara viticola)
250 g/L Metalaxyl products:
90 mL/100 L

Important things to note:
The permit is valid for a limited period (7 November 2022 to 30 November 2023). Growers should not buy more than is needed for this season, because excess stock will not be permitted for use in subsequent seasons.

Downy mildew resistance to metalaxyl is known in Australia. It is a condition of the permit that any metalaxyl spray includes another registered downy mildew protectant fungicide. Copper formulations and mancozeb are multi-site fungicides registered for downy mildew which can be used up to 30 days before harvest and no later than 80% capfall, respectively, on grapes destined for export wine.

Critical use comments:

  • Use in a protectant program. Limit the use of Group 4 (Group D) fungicides to periods when conditions favour disease development.
  • Spray at 7 to 21 day intervals using a protectant or non-phenylamide fungicide, not Group 4 (Group D). Use the shorter interval under prolonged humid and wet conditions.
  • When conditions favour downy mildew development (prolonged humid and wet conditions) apply 2 consecutive sprays of Group 4 (Group D) fungicides at the shorter interval.
  • Apply before the first sign of oil spots or as soon as possible after the infection period. DO NOT apply more than 2 consecutive sprays of a Group 4 (Group D) product. Resume the program of protectant sprays. Apply a maximum of 4 Group 4 (Group D) sprays per season.
  • DO NOT apply to grapevines in flower in QLD. Minor phytotoxic reactions of some varieties of grapes may occur under certain conditions.
  • Metalaxyl is a curative fungicide and should be tank mixed with a registered downy mildew protectant fungicide.
  • Use in accordance with CropLife anti-resistance strategy.
  • DO NOT apply more than a combined total of 4 metalaxyl sprays per season.

Withholding period:
Harvest: DO NOT harvest for 7 days after last application

Note: With the use of this permit in a tank mix with another product, the longest of the products’ withholding periods would apply.

For grapes destined for export wine users should refer to recommendations as included in the AWRI publication Agrochemicals registered for use in Australian viticulture 2022/2023. For products containing metalaxyl, the publication recommends to Use no later than 30 days before harvest.

Growers with any concerns regarding use should contact their grape purchaser or winery.

ALL States except Victoria (Note: Victoria is not included in this permit as their ‘control-of-use’ legislation means that a permit is not required to legalise this off-label use in Victoria).

For more information or to request a copy of the ‘Dog book’, please contact the AWRI helpdesk on (08) 8313 6600 or email

This information is provided to inform the Australian grape and wine sector and should not be interpreted as an endorsement of any product.

For assistance with any technical grapegrowing or winemaking questions, contact the AWRI helpdesk on or 08 8313 6600.