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  1. Shiraz terroir – linking regional sensory characters to chemical and climate profiles.
    • Wine & Viticulture Journal, Volume 36, Issue (3), 36-39 Pages, 2021
    • Pearson, W., Schmidtke, L., Francis, L., Li, S., Blackman, J., Carr, T., Kristic, M. abstract »
  2. Regionality in Australian Shiraz: compositional and climate measures that relate to key sensory attributes.
    • Australian Journal of Grape and Wine Research, Volume 27, Issue (4), 458-471 Pages, 2021
    • Pearson, W., Schmidtke, L.M., Francis, I.L., Li, S., Hall, A., Blackman, J.W. abstract »
  3. Vineyard soil microbiome composition related to rotundone concentration in Australian cool climate ‘peppery’ Shiraz grapes.
    • Frontiers in Microbiology, Volume 10, Issue (1607), 1-19 Pages, 2019
    • Gupta, V.V.S.R., Bramley, R.G.V., Greenfield, P., Yu, J., Herderich, M.J. abstract »
  4. Shedding light on the modulation of key Riesling wine aroma compounds in a changing climate.
    • 19-24 Pages, 2018
    • Hixson, J., Grebneva, Y., Glameyer, N., Vollmern K. Black, C., Krstic, M., Herderich, M. abstract »
  5. Building resilience in the face of a changing climate.
    • Wine & Viticulture Journal, Volume 32, Issue (1), 32-34 Pages, 2017
    • Longbottom, M., Robinson, E., Johnson, D. abstract »
  6. Vines and wines in a warming climate. Dry, P. (ed.) Searching for the sweet spot – the quest for optimal yield and quality
    • 50-54 Pages, 2016
    • Sadras, V.O., Bonada, M., Moran, M.A., Petrie, P.R. abstract »
  7. Adaptation, mitigation and innovation in a changing climate.
    • Australian & New Zealand Grapegrower & Winemaker, Issue (607), p. 16 Pages, 2014
    • Longbottom, M. abstract »
  8. Opportunities in a new climate.
    • Australian & New Zealand Grapegrower & Winemaker, Issue (607), p. 7 Pages, 2014
    • Johnson, D. abstract »
  9. Quality in a cool climate –maceration techniques in Pinot Noir production.
    • Wine & Viticulture Journal, Volume 27, Issue (3), 20-26 Pages, 2012
    • Dambergs, R., Sparrow, A., Carew, A., Scrimgeour, N., Wilkes, E., Godden, P., Herderich, M., Johnson, D. abstract »
  10. The climate is right for change.
    • WBM: Australia's Wine Business Magazine, Issue (August), 60–62 Pages, 2009
    • Muhlack, R.A.; Smith, P.A.; Wells, S.; Pender, D.; Pretorius, I.S. abstract »
  11. Tannin research on Pinot Noir in Oregon: challenging climate, challenging variety.
    • Australian & New Zealand Grapegrower & Winemaker, Issue (548), 82–87 Pages, 2009
    • Kennedy, J. abstract »
  12. Water: are we climate ready?
    • Australian and New Zealand Wine Industry Journal, Volume 23, Issue (6), 54-57 Pages, 2008
    • O'Brien, V.; Colby, C. abstract »
  13. Canopy microclimate and berry composition: the effect of bunch exposure on the phenolic composition of Vitis vinifera L cv. Shiraz grape berries
    • Australian Journal of Grape and Wine Research, Volume 6, Issue (2), 141-149 Pages, 2000
    • Haselgrove, L.; Botting, D.; van Heeswijck, R.; Hoj, P.B.; Dry, P.R.; Ford, C.; Iland, P.G. abstract »
  14. Recent developments of the wine industry in cooler climate regions: Australia
    • 1985
    • Jordan, A.D.; Croser, B.J.; Lee, T.H. abstract »
  15. Influence of grape variety, climate and soil on grape composition and on the composition and quality of table wines
    • Vitis, Volume 10, 33-50 Pages, 1971
    • Rankine, B.C.; Fornachon, J.C.M.; Boehm, E.W.; Cellier, K.M. abstract »

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