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  1. How do Syrah winemakers from two different French regions conceptualise peppery wines?
    • OENO One, Volume 58, Issue (1), 2024
    • Geffroy, O., Guyot, E., Gazagnadou, F., Henon, A., Baerenzung dit Baron, T., Denat, M., Chervin, C., Herderich, M., Bilogrevic, E., Sáenz-Navajas, M.P. abstract »
  2. Better late than never: the formation of distinctive pepper aromas in cool-climate Shiraz.
    • Wine & Viticulture Journal, Volume 37, Issue (1), 35-37 Pages, 2022
    • Barter, S., Siebert, T., Bramley, R., Herderich, M., Krstic, M. abstract »
  3. Vineyard soil microbiome composition related to rotundone concentration in Australian cool climate ‘peppery’ Shiraz grapes.
    • Frontiers in Microbiology, Volume 10, Issue (1607), 1-19 Pages, 2019
    • Gupta, V.V.S.R., Bramley, R.G.V., Greenfield, P., Yu, J., Herderich, M.J. abstract »
  4. Patterns of within-vineyard spatial variation in the ‘pepper’ compound rotundone are temporally stable from year to year
    • Australian Journal of Grape and Wine Research, Volume 23, Issue (1), 42-47 Pages, 2017
    • Bramley, R.G.V., Siebert, T.E., Herderich, M.J., Krstic, M.P. abstract »
  5. Within-vineyard variation in the ‘pepper’ compound rotundone is spatially structured and related to variation in the land underlying the vineyard.
    • Australian Journal of Grape and Wine Research, Volume 20, Issue (2), 214-222 Pages, 2014
    • Scarlett, N.J., Bramley, R.G.V., Siebert, T.E. abstract »
  6. The latest discovery on pepper character in red wines from Duras with AOP-Gaillac
    • Revue des Oenologues et des Techniques Vitivinicoles et Oenologiques, Issue (149 Supp.), 49-51 Pages, 2013
    • Geffroy, O., Dufourcq, T. Carcenac, D., Siebert, T., Herderich, M. abstract »
  7. Synthesis of the ongoing works on Rotundone, an aromatic compound responsible for the peppery notes in wines.
    • Internet Journal of Enology and Viticulture, Volume 6, Issue (1), 1-6 Pages, 2013
    • Herderich, M.J., Siebert, T.E., Parker, M., Capone, D.L., Mayr, C., Zhang, P., Geffroy, O., Williamson, P., Francis, I.L. abstract »
  8. Determination of rotundone, the pepper aroma impact compound, in grapes and wine.
    • Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, Volume 56, Issue (10), 3745-3748 Pages, 2008
    • Siebert, T.E.; Wood, C.; Elsey, G.M.; Pollnitz, A.P. abstract »
  9. From wine to pepper: rotundone, an obscure sesquiterpene, is a potent spicy aroma compound.
    • Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, Volume 56, Issue (10), 3738-3744 Pages, 2008
    • Wood, C.; Siebert, T.E.; Parker, M.; Capone, D.L.; Elsey, G.M.; Pollnitz, A.P.; Eggers, M.; Meier, M.; Vössing, T.; Widder, S.; Krammer, G.; Sefton, M.A.; Herderich, M.J. abstract »
  10. Pepper aroma in Shiraz.
    • 157-159 Pages, 2008
    • Pollnitz, A.P.; Wood, C.; Siebert, T.E.; Parker, M.; Capone, D.L.; Elsey, G.M.; Eggers, M.; Meier, M.; V”ssing, T.; Widder, S.; Krammer, G.; Sefton, M.A.; Herderich, M.J. abstract »
  11. Identification and quantification of a marker compound for ' pepper' aroma and flavor in Shiraz grape berries by combination of chemometrics and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry.
    • Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, Volume 55, Issue 15, 5948-5955 Pages, 2007
    • Parker, M.; Pollnitz, A.P.; Cozzolino, D.; Francis, I.L.; Herderich, M.J. abstract »

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