Racking for the first time


It’s time to rack the wine out of barrel for the first time. And for the first time there is a tank available which is big enough to blend everything together. Just big enough!! The wine looked fabulous – great colour after a 30ppm SO2 addition. We were very happy

A stencil and some paint


In such a busy winery, with so many students, researchers and other winemaking groups doing their own thing, it is certainly in your own interest to make sure that your barrels are clearly labelled. We also have what we think is a really good logo to mark our 60th birthday,

Into the barrels


By early evening it was finally time to put the wine into barrels. Working with barrels is a very satisfying thing for this winemaker. The wine had retained great colour after additions of 65 ppm of SO2 and some tartaric acid. And while filling the barrels, we were pleased to

Time to blend


Because there was no tank available which was large enough to blend all of our wine, the three tanks and two smaller containers had to be accurately blended by other means, before being put into barrel. Here’s something we haven’t seen very often – grape seed oil on top of